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5 Professional Home Cleaning Companies in Singapore for 2024

5 Professional Home Cleaning Companies in Singapore for 2024

December 27, 2023

Who has the energy to keep up with housework in a busy city like Singapore where people have to spend at least 40 hours a week at work? The majority of us are simply too tired to perform daily and weekly housecleaning duties.

Thus, one of the best options is definitely to use a regular housekeeping service or hire a maid on a part-time basis. We get to spend more time with our family after work when we delegate the household chores to the pros. It also implies that we can rejuvenate ourselves to lead an energetic life.

But as we know several options are available so finding the right house cleaning company is quite difficult. That’s why we have curated the best home cleaning companies in Singapore for you in this blog!

Essential Factors to Consider for Selecting the Right Cleaning Company

  • Availability: Check that the home cleaning services in Singapore can accommodate your needs and are easily accessible. Verify their availability and operating hours on particular days. It is advised that you make reservations or bookings well in advance to guarantee your desired time slot.
  • Cost: For a trouble-free experience, make sure the cleaning service provider is within your budget and charges a fair price for their services.
  • Service Quality: Find out about the reputation and quality of the services offered by the provider, and look for any available internet reviews and testimonials.
  • Expertise: Research the specialised services and details provided, and make sure the personnel has the necessary experience to handle your needs.
  • Requirements: When choosing a service from your cleaning service provider, ascertain any prerequisites and what documentation or information, if any, may be needed.

Top Home Cleaning Companies for 2024

1. SB Cleaning Services


SB Cleaning Services is a reputable house cleaning service that is known for reliability and quality. Also, well-known for maintaining the greatest cleaning standards, they offer a wide range of services catered to different requirements. Their professional team uses cutting-edge methods and eco-friendly products with a dedication to hygiene.

SB Cleaning Services, with a strong reputation for quality and efficiency, has earned its position as the top option for people looking for spotless homes. With SB Cleaning Services, you can experience the pinnacle of cleanliness, where careful attention to detail turns homes into welcoming retreats.

2. Be Mitey Clean


Be Mitey Clean is one of the top house cleaning companies in Singapore, which specialises in making spaces into pristine havens. They ensure a truly clean and healthy environment by going above and beyond the surface with a committed team of skilled professionals to get rid of dust, allergens, and mites.

Devoted to perfection, they utilise cutting-edge cleaning methods and eco-friendly materials, meeting the specific requirements of every customer. Be Mitey Clean raises the bar for hygiene and client satisfaction with everything from careful dusting to complete sanitation. They give Singaporeans a breath of fresh, clean air by redefining what a spotless home means.

3. Anergy


Anergy is the top house cleaning service in Singapore, epitomises excellence in household cleanliness. For meticulous services, they have a dedicated team and modern equipment. They use eco-friendly techniques with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, ensuring a clean and healthy home. Anergy is a leader in excellence, providing a wide range of services tailored to individual needs, from regular cleaning to specialised treatments.

4. Easy Clean SG


Easy Clean SG is the leading residential cleaning company in Singapore, which specialises in providing excellent cleaning services for a spotless home. They are the best choice for a spotless house in Singapore. Their skilled cleaners are committed to providing excellent service and making sure your house is spotless throughout.

They prioritise professionalism above all else and go above and beyond to give homeowners a consistently better cleaning experience. Put your trust in us to turn your living area into a pristine sanctuary. Put your trust in us to turn your living area into a perfect haven where perfection meets cleanliness.

5. Spring Cleaning Service


Spring Cleaning Service is your reliable partner for a spotless home in Singapore. They bring new life into your living spaces and specialise in complete house cleaning solutions. With the help of experts, they utilise advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a pristine atmosphere.

Their services include meticulous dusting and carpet rejuvenation, covering every nook and cranny. Spring Cleaning Service dedication to quality makes your house a clean haven, giving you more time for the things that matter.

To Conclude

Keeping your home clean can be difficult in Singapore, a busy city where time is of the essence. House cleaning services are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to keep your home clean for the busy Singaporean worker bee. That’s why, we explored the best house cleaning services for 2024.

You will find the right house cleaning company for your home. You can make a wise choice for 2024 by selecting the one house cleaning company for a cleaner, brighter living space.

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